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Established in 1998 Magelan is a leading water engineering office, practices in design of water supply systems, sewage, drainage, and landscape.
Our head office is located in Ramot Menashe , a northern branch in Tel Katzir.
The company specializes in water infrastructure engineering, using advanced tools and technology for optimal engineering analysis, planning, and fine graphic and has built up a reputation for high quality and innovative designs in the water field.
Magelan has collaborations with leading Israeli and international companies in the fields of civil and water engineering
the company is currently involved in many and varied projects in Israel and abroad.
Magelan's clientele includes some of the leading governmental, municipal and private organizations in the economy.

Magelan has been participating in the Northern Industrial Excellence Program since 2010 and holds the maximum score of 5 quality stars, and also follows ISO9001-2015 procedures.










7 months ago, we started a slightly different project in Magelan.
We rented a building that was a chicken coop and set up an office there.
Now we are happy to tell you that we have settled in our new office in Ramot Menashe, you are welcome to visit us !



We are expanding and looking for more excellent water engineers,

for full position of planning diversified water infrastructure.
Knowledge of AutoCAD is required, experience – an advantage.
Experience in water distribution software - an advantage.
Experience in infrastructure design – an advantage.
This position is open at the company's offices in Kibbutz Ramot Menashe.
Residence up to 45 minutes' drive
Are you an excellent engineer? Join our great team!

Please send your resume to
The ad is for women and men alike.



13.6.2021 \\ As part of a water supply master plan to the Yokneam-Megiddo area carried out in Magelan, a new 12,000 cubic meter water pool was established.

As part of a water supply master plan to the Yokneam-Megiddo area carried out in Magelan, a new 12,000 cubic meter water pool was establishedAccompaniment and planning of landscape restoration by Magelan.
The landscape planning project included a survey of trees, planning and accompanying tree moving in coordination with Nature and Parks Authority and the JNF and different solutions for integrating the tank into the landscape.
Phase A has ended, we are in the midst of Phase B, which includes the dismantling of the old pool and the restoration of a complementary landscape, we promise to update!

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5.5.2021 \\  As part of a collaboration with NETAFIM , MAGELAN Is planning a water supply system for the irrigation of 130,000 dunams of agricultural land in GABON, West Africa

As part of the project, 3 pumping stations are planned with a total capacity of more than 12,000 kWh, with water absorption planned directly from a local river. In addition, tens of kilometers of pipelines planned to supply the water to the entire area.

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4.4.2021 \\  Magelan has completed for Mekorot a general design of a water supply system in the metropolitan area of the Krayot north of Haifa.

The planning helps Mekorot to prepare for the significant increase in consumption expected in the area and to provide water with high quality and reliability.
The plan includes a new water network architecture adapted to the Krayot's development plans, including 65,000 cubic meters of operational tanks outside the urban area, supply lines with diameters of up to 64 " adjacent to additional infrastructure in the development and adaptation of existing stations and wells to work in the new water supply system.

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18.3.2021 \\ The planning of a water supply system for the city of Harish and the communities of Wadi Ara has been completed

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18.3.2021 \\ After a long and interesting work process, the Ein Hashofet drilling site was successfully handed over to Mekorot

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