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Established in 1998 Magelan is a leading water engineering office, practices in design of water supply systems, sewage, drainage, and landscape.

Our head office is located in Ramot Menashe , a northern branch in Tel Katzir.
The company specializes in water infrastructure engineering, using advanced tools and technology for optimal engineering analysis, planning, and fine graphic and has built up a reputation for high quality and innovative designs in the water field.

Magelan has collaborations with leading Israeli and international companies in the fields of civil and water engineering.

the company is currently involved in many and varied projects in Israel and abroad.
Magelan's clientele includes some of the leading governmental, municipal and private organizations in the economy.
Magelan has been participating in the Northern Industrial Excellence Program since 2010 and holds the maximum score of 5 quality stars, and also follows ISO9001-2015 procedures.


The company is named after the explorer Ferdinand Magellan
The Magellan Strait is a sea passage located between the southernmost point of the Americas and Tierra Del Fuego (the southernmost point on Earth except Antarctica).

Magellan's courage, his phenomenal orientation in the field of navigation and mapping, and his determination to "break through" led - for the first time - to the discovery that a sea route connecting
between the Atlantic and the Pacific is possible.










Head Office P.O.B 255 Ramot Menashe 1924500

טלפון 04-9893820   נייד054-6246159    פקס 04-9590947    אימייל

Northen Branch Kibbutz Tel Katzir, Jordan Valley 1516500

טלפון 04-6493137    טלפון 04-8403305    פקס 04-9590947    אימייל

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