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Established in 1998 Magelan is a leading water engineering office, practices in design of water supply systems, sewage, drainage, and landscape.
Our head office is located in Ramot Menashe , a northern branch in Tel Katzir.
The company specializes in water infrastructure engineering, using advanced tools and technology for optimal engineering analysis, planning, and fine graphic and has built up a reputation for high quality and innovative designs in the water field.
Magelan has collaborations with leading Israeli and international companies in the fields of civil and water engineering
the company is currently involved in many and varied projects in Israel and abroad.
Magelan's clientele includes some of the leading governmental, municipal and private organizations in the economy.

Magelan has been participating in the Northern Industrial Excellence Program since 2010 and holds the maximum score of 5 quality stars, and also follows ISO9001-2015 procedures.









עין סלוקיה

happy Purim,
This year we met and wished happy holidays to the children of the evacuated families at the lovely school in Gale'd and distributed parcels.
We continued to a day of company training, and a colorful Purim Dish.
Thanks to all participants.
We pray for the peace of the Hostages and their families, for the safety of our soldiers and the residents of Israel.
פורים מגלן

בית אורן לדמון

טו בשבט2


Hannuka Event

Continuing for the seventh year the Hanukkah tradition in Maglan, which includes a social responsibility

activity with the veterans and children of the kibbutz who cooperate with the Maglan team in various tasks,

this year due to the situation, we prepared a warming dish for the Ramot Menashe soldiers,

lit candles and enjoyed the dances of the kindergarten children.


Later in the day, we distributed Hanukkah gifts to the children of the employees,

held an AutoCAD forum, enjoyed fine company, and a variety of toffins.

We pray for the safe return of our abductees and our soldiers and wish everyone a bright Holiday of Lights!


אנו מרחיבים את שורותינו ופותחים 2 משרות למהנדסיםות עם ניסיון של 2-4 שנים בתכנון מערכות אספקת מים


The Magelan company team sends encouragement and hugs to all the residents of Israel in these difficult times.

Our hearts go out to the families of the murdered, we wish a fast recovery to the injured and a safe return home to the abducted.
We strengthen the hands of the security and rescue forces that work heroically to protect the country.

Together, we will overcome these difficult days, and together we will win.



יום כיפור

ראש השנה

Another project is in construction,
and this time - Intec from a river and a pumping station in Africa!

גבון פוסט5

fine tuning 


טו באב שמח מחברת מגלן

27.07.23 \\ Remember this Project ?
We are happy to inform that it is successfully completed and delieverd to Mekorot !
/ #water #waterengineering #Mekorot #Magelan

18.07.23 \\ Construction works for the second water line to Jordan are underway and progressing well according to the plan, we will continue to update.

9/4/2023 \\ A unique project that we planned in Magelan for “Mekorot” is currently being executed.
The project includes the installation of a new connection to the national water carrier intended to supply water to the Haifa area, the Jezreel Valley, the Ta'anach region and the eastern valleys.

As part of the last national carrier outage that took place this winter, a section of the national carrier was replaced from concrete pipes to steel pipes and an 80" diameter outlet and a butterfly valve of the same diameter were installed.
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