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The website undertakes to provide the general public browsing the website with as accessible content as possible. We work on updating and implementing the accessibility rules as much as possible, following the principles of the accessibility standard. The website is adapted to the accessibility requirements for level 2 (AA) of the WC.C.A.G 2 standard. The accessibility of the website is adapted to the leading browsers.


Accessibility coordinator

Details of the website's accessibility coordinator:

full name: Limor Melamed-Levy


Phone: +972-52-2487547

P.O.B 255 Ramot Menashe 1924500



What is an accessible website

The new regulations for making websites accessible (the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Act) are intended to allow people with various disabilities (such as the blind and visually impaired, people with physical disabilities who have difficulty moving their hands, people with attention and concentration difficulties or dyslexia, and people with other disabilities) to surf the net with maximum comfort. Accessible websites even appear more in the various search engines.


An accessible website is a site where adjustments have been made according to an Israeli standard. This standard adopts the W3C International Internet Accessibility Guidelines, allowing people with disabilities to browse websites comfortably with helpful tools.




Despite our efforts to develop accessibility in all the website's contents, parts that have not yet been made accessible may appear during browsing. We continue to invest efforts in developing accessibility settings to allow access to this content for the entire population and especially people with disabilities.








Head Office P.O.B 255 Ramot Menashe 1924500

טלפון 04-9893820   נייד054-6246159    פקס 04-9590947    אימייל

Northen Branch Kibbutz Tel Katzir, Jordan Valley 1516500

טלפון 04-6493137    טלפון 04-8403305    פקס 04-9590947    אימייל

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